20 Aug 2018

We give you the home turf advantage.

Max Grass is dedicated to providing the best artificial turf
for both athletic and landscape purposes.
After more than 10 years of focused development,
Max products have served clients from multiple regions
with varying needs,including professional football clubs,
government bodies, schools, and countless household
around the UAE.
Max Grass chooses the very best quality of raw material
with strong UV stability to make sure our grass keeps
fresh & green over years. In addition, to avoid health
threats during contact, MaxGrass grass proves to contain
no lead, no heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals
according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN,
REACH, RoHS. It is even safe for kids and pets.

20 Oct 2015
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Ask Jennifer: Your Gardening Questions Answered

I would like to grow some “barometer plants” to use as an early warning system for my garden. What plants are first to respond to frost, first to bolt and first to wilt? Is this a waste of time? It’s not a waste of time, but I’m not sure you’d have to invest in any particular variety. I would use half-hardy annuals that are sensitive to frost, such as cosmos lobelia

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16 Oct 2015
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10 Ideas for Landscaping Property Lines

What is it that you’re hoping to accomplish in landscaping your property line? Once you answer that over-arching question, many of the details will fall into place (with a little aid from the ideas I present here). As you’ll see from reading the information below, deciding on how to landscape a boundary largely comes down to sifting through your various options.

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15 Oct 2015
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What You Can Grow In Shady Spaces

All shade is not equal. Some shady conditions will yield much more produce than others will, while some areas are better left for hostas and moss. Gardeners should be familiar with the different types of shade, but should also keep in mind that measuring how much shade your garden gets isn’t always easy.

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